The project will develop four outputs:

1. E-book – Transnational Report: Generations@work – Barriers and resources of different generations at work
The output will provide the background to develop the other outputs. In particular, it will provide background information on the support, at organisational and societal level, which is provided to older workers in the countries of the project (Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, and Greece).
E-book also available in Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Greek

2. Vocational counselling methodology for older workers ‘Better work at old age’
The output will be a training package which will provide trainers, vocational counselors, adult educators working with older workers with resources and methodologies to improve older workers’ employability and opportunities to develop new career paths.
E-book also available in Spanish, Italian,Romanian and Greek

3. Training program for human resources managers, managers, coordinators, directors of organizations/institutions
The output will be a training package targeting human resources managers, managers, coordinators, directors of organizations / institutions employing a multigenerational staff. The training will provide resources to adapt the organizational environment to all generations, as well as to fight stereotypes on older workers and to organise intergenerational mentoring programmes. (Registration required to download this document)
This document is also available in Italian

4. Guide with recommendations for public policies regarding support for older workers
The guide will summarise the other outcomes of the project and the lessons learnt. It will promoted among relevant stakeholders in the project’s countries (namely: trade-unions, third-age associations, employers’ associations, VET agencies, employment services, policy makers) and it will ai to contribute to better active ageing policies aolicies across EU.