The project will foresee round tables and other events with the relevant stakeholders (e.g. companies and organisations employing older workers and/or supporting their employability) in Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, and Greece. A final conference will also be organised to share experiences and lessons learnt on how to support older people at work, create age-friendly working environments, as well as to adapt policies and organizational strategies to the needs of workers of all ages.

The round tables target companies and organizations employing older workers and/or supporting seniors towards employability. The goal of the meeting is to inform the audience about the vocational counseling methodology designed for older workers and the training program dedicated to organizations management. The Round-table will be an opportunity for stakeholders to learn and offer feedback regarding this integrated approach in order to support older workers. The goal of the project is to produce real changes in the older persons adaptation at workplace, through deepening the understanding of their needs and promoting unbiased attitudes in organizations towards them. Also, we intend to strengthen their empowerment in professional life and the connection between young and old generations at work.