BeOLD aims to improve older workers’ social inclusion by using innovative training tools. The main goal of the project is to increase professional and personal development opportunities in order to better adaptat in the work place.

The project also wants to raise awareness on age management, age discrimination and ageism at work and how to create age-friendly working environments and conditions.

More specifically, the project’s objectives are:
– to propose an integrated approach for enhancing older persons participation at workplace
– to promote social inclusion of older persons through their better integration at workplace, their empowerment through counseling and education
– to combat ageism at workplace
– to foster intergenerational learning and mentorate activities in companies
– to develop educators competences in this area
– to propose a model of policy for supporting older workers

Our project will have as target groups:
– older workers (55+ years old) from private companies
– HR managers/managers/coordinators of private companies from different sectors and stakeholders