On March 26th, Documenta carried out the Debate Forum foreseen within the BeOld project activities in Madrid. Around 15 people were able to see the different materials and activities that are being carried out within the BEOLD project.

The participants, mostly experts representing public, private and non-profit organizations, came from work areas related to social innovation, the university, human resources or labour relations, with which they were interested in the topic of management of age and contributed their knowledge in the field.

The attendees were contacted through Fundación Más Humano, which works, through different projects, to promote corporate social responsibility as a differentiating element of organizations, to manage humanly and effectively people, recognize their value and generate opportunities that allow both workers to achieve their objectives. One of these projects in which they work is “Savia”, which seeks to improve the employability of workers over 50 and efficiently manage age in the workplace.

The structure of the session was as follows:

First, after welcoming the participants and presenting our organization, they were given an explanation about the different activities and materials that have been developed throughout the project, as well as the activities that are still to be carried out in the coming months.

Attendants saw the website and the Facebook that have been created for the BeOld project, the information leaflet that summarizes the main characteristics of the project, as well as the different Intellectual Outputs (IO): A transnational report on the barriers and the resources that different generations find at work (IO1), an educational program for older workers “Better Work at Old Age” (IO2), a training program for human resources managers and directors of organizations and companies (IO3), and a guide with recommendations for developing public policies that support older workers (IO4).

Subsequently, a question-and-answer session was opened, which gave rise to an interesting and lively debate between the attendees and the speakers, which focused mainly on the Intellectual Output 3. This debate was useful in order to know and collect the opinions and needs of the participants and try to improve our project from within obtaining, in this way, better results.

From Documenta we want to thank both the FundaciónMás Humano and the attendants for their participation in our multiplier event.