In July 9-11, a Train the Trainers (ToT) course was held for 3 days in Bucharest by teachers from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Bucharest University, within Erasmus + European project, BeOLD, funded by ANPCDEFP. The course provided trainers with resources and approaches designed to improve the professional development and employability of older workers (55+). The Tot was attended by representatives from the organisations implementing the project : Habilitas Association (partner leader), Bucharest University, Cartel ALFA Trade Union Confederation, CARDET (Cyprus), DOCUMENTA (Spain), Anziani e Non Solo (Italy), KMOP (Greece).

Through the BeOLD project, we advocate specific policies to support older workers to better adapt to the workplace. For this, a real and realistic effort is needed to be done both by the state and employers: financial incentives, training and mentoring at organizational level or other age-friendly measures, such as flexible work schedules. All of this is beneficial for all, in terms of creating a society of solidarity and inclusiveness, and in the context of the demographic evolution we currently witness, which turns older people into an essential human resource.